Appendix E: Sample Indicators - Forest Sustainability


The sample indicators below can be used as a "starter set" for a community thinking about how to develop sustainable forest indicators using the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators in order to raise awareness, make better decisions and monitor progress toward its goals and vision. The purpose of the list is not to dictate what indicators a community should use, rather to provide a starting point for discussion about what is valued and therefore needs to be measured, monitored and cared for. The indicators are categorized by the Montreal Process Criteria and Subcriteria and possible data sources are listed, along with an explanation of the indicator and its significance.

Criterion 1. Conservation of biological diversity
Criterion 2. Maintenance of productive capactiy of forest ecosystems
Criterion 3. Maintenance of forest ecosystem health and vitality
Criterion 4. Conservation and maintenance of soil and water resources
Criterion 5. Maintenance of forest contribution to global carbon cycles
Criterion 6. Maintenance and enhancement of long-term multiple socioeconomic benefits to meet the needs of societies
Criterion 7. Legal, institutional and economic framework for forest conservation and sustainable management
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